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What is CAPTCHA?

Captcha plays a vital role in protecting websites from bot attacks and spam. However, manually decoding captchas can be time-consuming and cumbersome for users. That’s why automated captcha decoding services have become a popular choice for web administrators and developers.

Our amazing team is always hard at work

Newly Launched Captcha Solving Service – Big Captcha

We are proud to introduce the following standout features:

  1. 99% Uptime: With a solid 99% uptime, BigCaptcha ensures it is always available to serve you.
  2. Pay-as-you-go: Our flexible payment model allows you to pay only for the number of captchas you decode, saving costs and budget control.
  3. Easy Integration: BigCaptcha offers easy integration into your systems, saving you time and effort.
  4. Fastest Solving Speed: Experience the fastest captcha solving speed on the market with BigCaptcha, saving you time and boosting productivity.
  5. Most Competitive Pricing on the Market: We are committed to providing the most affordable pricing, ensuring you save costs without compromising service quality.
  6. Payment with Cryptocurrency: BigCaptcha offers payment with cryptocurrency, providing convenience and flexibility for customers.

Product & Pricing

Big Captcha is the most affordable tool on the market.

Captcha Type Price Speed Success avg
Normal Captcha $0.2/1000 requests  < 0.3s 96%
reCaptcha v2 $0.35/1000 requests  < 28s 98%
reCaptcha v3 $0.5/1000 requests  < 11s 98%
hCaptcha $0.5/1000 requests  < 10.7s 99%
Fun Captcha $0.2/1000 requests  < 0.1s 93%


Package Daily package Weekly package Monthly package

(5 threads, unlimited request)

$2 $12 $39

(10 threads, unlimited request)

$3.5 $21 $69

(20 threads, unlimited request)

$6.5 $38 $129

(30 threads, unlimited request)

$10 $55 $189

(60 threads, unlimited request)

$18 $99 $369